Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

24 March 2021

Guy Barnett, Minister for Resources

Labor show their cards on workplace protection laws

I am bitterly disappointed that Labor have indicated that they will turn their back on Tasmanian workers, their families and businesses and vote against our Government’s workplace protection laws.

Labor are siding with the Bob Brown Foundation and the Greens in opposition to our Bill.

This is a kick in the guts to the hard working Tasmanians who are being threatened and harassed by radical protestors for simply going to work.

Tasmanians deserve the right to go to work and earn a living for their family without interference from radical protesters.

This legislation will ensured that Tasmanians can operate a business and go to work without being impeded, threatened or interfered with by others and it beggars belief that Labor would not support it.

The laws that are likely to be shut down tomorrow are supported by farmers, foresters, miners, fishers and the business community as well as Tasmanian workers and families.

Tasmanians are saying ‘enough is enough’. They are fed up with the relentless interference by the Bob Brown Foundation, the radical extremist protest arm of the Greens.

Our Government respects the right of every Tasmanian to protest peacefully and lawfully but we are also committed to protecting Tasmanians’ right to work.

Labor is letting down Tasmanian workers and should be ashamed of themselves.

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