Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

19 November 2020

Nic Street, Liberal Member for Franklin

Selfish Labor-Green “pledge” postcards just not believable

Thirty thousand costly flyers from Rebecca White won’t change the fact that Labor cannot be trusted on doing another deal with the Greens.

Actions speak louder than words and Labor have an extensive history of saying one thing and doing another.

Labor always say they won’t do a deal with the Greens – but, they always do.

We will never forget the 2010 election when David Bartlett famously promised not to do a deal with the Greens – only to turn around and do just that, once the votes were cast.

Tasmanians won’t be fooled and Ms White’s self-centered flyer simply cannot be believed.

While this majority Liberal government is doing everything we can to create Tasmanian jobs, Labor are only focused on their own jobs.

Labor have desperately tried to use this ‘fake divorce’ from the Greens as a distraction from their terrible budget reply.

Their approach would deliver four Budget deficits in a row, and no pathway back to a surplus.

It’s the same old Labor: can’t be trusted with the Budget, and they’d do another deal with the Greens, in a heartbeat.

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