Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

7 September 2021

Sarah Courtney, Minister for Education

Hundreds of additional teachers employed

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is investing a record $8 billion into education, skills and training to ensure our children and young people have every opportunity to pursue their ambitions, regardless of their background or circumstance.

This investment is supporting additional staff with new figures showing from March 2014 to March 2021 the Liberal Government has employed 867 FTE more staff across our education system including teachers, teacher assistants, and professional support staff including school nurses.  

This is an incredible achievement and will no doubt help ensure that our students have the best possible chance to get an education and set themselves up for future success. 

We know that teachers play a vital role in improving education outcomes for students, and I would like to thank our teachers, teacher assistants, professional support staff, school staff, CLFC and library staff for their dedication, professionalism, expertise and hard work.

In coming years, we expect to see an additional 81 Teachers recruited, including 40 FTE in-school quality literacy coaches commencing in 2022, and 35 Teacher FTE allocated to the new schools at Brighton and Legana.

A fourth annual recruitment campaign is currently underway to identify high-quality teachers ready to commence teaching in 2022, with a focus on regional and high priority locations and specialisations.

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