Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

7 September 2021

Peter Gutwein, Premier

Deceptive Winter needs to correct the record

While new to parliament, Dean Winter has adopted the same old Labor pattern of deception and he needs to be called out.

For the record, I clearly stated yesterday* that I have not provided a Direction to the Chair or the Board of Hydro Tasmania regarding the potential sale of energy to hydrogen proponents, and for Mr Winter to claim otherwise is completely wrong. 

This is absolute muck raking from an Opposition with no leadership, plan or vision. All they know is how to be negative and criticise, but they have stooped to new lows by trying to play politics with the resignation of a well-respected long-standing Hydro employee, who has made it clear he is resigning for personal reasons.

This is just the latest example of Mr Winter blatantly misleading Tasmanians. Yesterday he also tried to claim the Secretary of Treasury had given inconsistent answers to questions, only to embarrassingly backtrack when challenged.

And just last week, when he heard in Parliament that the review of the Racing Regulation Act 2004 would include a review of the functions of both the Office of Racing Integrity (ORI) and Tasracing, he then ran to the media and said it would not.

Mr Winter’s Parliamentary inexperience is no excuse. He needs to apologise for his deception and correct the record immediately, including deleting his false social media posts.

*Budget Estimates transcript

Ms WHITE - Did you provide any formal direction to the chair or the board of Hydro?

Mr GUTWEIN - If I had provided a direction, I'd be very happy to speak about it.  I haven't, but I'll make this point very clearly.  In terms of our government businesses and in line with the PESRAC recommendations, if the Government needs to direct its government businesses to do more or to engage more to ensure we get whole-of-state outcomes, then I'm more than happy to direct -

Ms WHITE - But you haven't done that in this instance?

Mr GUTWEIN - No, I haven't.

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