Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

30 January 2020

Jeremy Rockliff, Minister for Education and Training

Labor’s broken record

Labor’s single policy on ‘free TAFE’ is fundamentally flawed and showcases for Tasmanians how out of touch Labor are.

Not only does it highlight that Labor does not understand how the TasTAFE framework operates, but Ms White fails to explain who will wear the cost and who will be taxed to fund it.

When it comes to skills, training and jobs in Tasmania no one has a more dismal record than Labor.

It was under their watch TasTAFE was abolished and 4000 apprentices were erased.  Yet instead of apologising, they concoct another doomed to fail plan.

When it comes to skills, training and jobs it is on the public record that it took this Liberal Government to fix the mess and turn TAFE around with adequate funding and support.

Our recent results are the envy of the country with the highest completion rates in the nation, further proving that the Gutwein majority Liberal Governments Plan is working.

Since coming to Government we have increased recurrent funding to TasTAFE , which for 2019-20 is $79.4 million.

Tasmanians have not forgotten the 10 000 jobs lost when Labor was in office.  Only we will protect TAFE, provide the funding it deserves and ensure Tasmanian students are trained to support our growing economy.

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