Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania


We'll begin with an update on the situation in Victoria.

There has been another 11 local COVID-19 cases, bringing the cluster in Melbourne’s North to 26 cases, and as you’d be aware, Victoria has just announced that all of Victoria will enter into a seven-day Stage 3 lockdown from midnight tonight.

In response, we’ll be declaring all of Victoria a high-risk location from 2pm today.

This means that after 2pm this afternoon you can’t travel to Tasmania, if you spent time in Victoria in the previous 14 days, unless you are approved as an essential traveller by the Deputy State Controller.

The current Tas e-travel pass will be cancelled at 2pm today and anyone wishing to enter will need to reapply through the G2G system and seek an exemption.

Tasmanian residents who are in Victoria at the moment can apply for essential travel status to return home, but if approved, they’ll be required to quarantine at a suitable premises on arrival for 14 days.

If they don’t have a suitable premise, they will be required to quarantine in Government-designated accommodation at their own cost.

Anyone who arrives before the declaration takes affect at 2pm today, will be allowed to enter Tasmania, as long as they’ve not been in the Whittlesea Local Government area or any of the declared high-risk premises in Victoria that have been visited by COVID-19 cases.

I remind anyone arriving before 2pm, and anyone who has come to Tasmania and is here now having been in the low-risk areas of Victoria since 6 May, how important it is that they monitor themselves for CVOID-19 symptoms.

If you have any symptoms at all, even mild, isolate immediately and book a test with the Public Health hotline and, importantly, keep checking the list for high-risk premises at, as more sites, I expect, will be added as cases are discovered and contact tracing in Victoria continues.

If you’ve spent time in any of the sites at the specified date and times, these are the high-risk premises, self-isolate immediately and call the Public Health hotline for further advice.

Now, obviously, the situation in Victoria is generating increased calls to the Public Health hotline, so please be patient.

At the moment, I understand, the wait time’s only around 5-6 minutes.

We will and have stood up the full capacity of those centres at the moment, but we will take steps, if need be, to put on surge staff, if and when we require them.

And at the moment, obviously, the hotline staff are working hard providing information, booking tests and vaccinations as well as answer questions for a large number of people.

So, please be patient, and if you can’t hold or wait for the period that you’re being asked to wait for, please call back at the earliest opportunity, but remain self-isolating until then.

Now, as I said yesterday, the situation in Victoria is a reminder that COVID will remain a part of our world for the foreseeable future and, again, it stresses the importance of maintaining COVID-safe hygiene practices and, importantly, to not hesitate, as the Secretary of Health said yesterday, don’t wait, vaccinate.

Get in touch when it’s your turn and get the jab.

Now, please, if you have symptoms, get tested, stay home if you are sick, wash and sanitise your hands, maintain physical distancing when possible when you are out and check in and, importantly, check in at venues and follow the current restrictions, using the appropriate app.