Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania


Premier Peter Gutwein

I’m here with Dr Scott McKeown who’ll provide an update as well in a moment, and then, obviously, we’ll be bringing TT-Line in to discuss the vessel replacement program shortly thereafter.

As I’ve said on every occasion I’ve been here, the health and safety of Tasmanians is our first and number one priority.

Over the past weeks, we’ve experienced a long stint without a case. Unfortunately yesterday, we did have a positive case. But as I have said, consistently, we will see cases.

The fact that this person was picked up in quarantine indicates that our quarantine hotel system is working.

Importantly, the very tough border restrictions that we have in place are important to ensure that we continue to protect the health and safety of Tasmanians, and over time my expectation is that we will see more cases in quarantine.

I think that’s just a given.

We’ve seen that occur with international travellers returning to Australia and cases consistently being picked up through those security measures, which is exactly what they are designed to do.

The particular case is related to a Tasmanian returning from Victoria

The young person has been in hotel quarantine since their return to Tasmania, and they are now being cared for at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Our thoughts are obviously with the young person, and we hope for a speedy recovery, and Dr McKeown will provide some further details on that in a moment.

I do want to speak about testing in hotels and some changes that we’ll be making from tomorrow.

As of tomorrow, voluntary testing at Day 5 and Day 12 will be strongly recommended for those that are in our quarantine hotels.

It will not be mandatory, but strongly recommended.

We will be testing at the hotel facilities, and those that are sequestered in our hotels and quarantined there will be contacted on Day 5 and on Day 12 and informed that there is the opportunity for a test.

I do want to make the point at the moment though that in terms of all of those people that aren’t quarantined in our hotels, testing is available currently for anybody that requests it.

That has been in place now for some period of time.

So, testing is available.

But, as of tomorrow, voluntary testing will be strongly recommended on Day 5 and Day 12 of a person’s stay with us, and Dr McKeown can provide some further details on that.

I’ll hand over to Dr McKeown.