Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania


Premier Peter Gutwein

Good afternoon everyone.

Obviously, circumstances have changed in South Australia, and their Government has taken some swift action today.

As we know, this virus is relentless and can spread rapidly, and it’s pleasable and noteworthy that South Australia have acted as swiftly as they have, leaving nothing to chance, and will be implementing from midnight tonight a state-wide six-day lockdown to mitigate a second wave.

We know from our own experience that going early and going hard is the right thing to do.

Now, on Monday we moved swiftly to declare South Australia a medium-risk jurisdiction, and for those people entering the state from South Australia, since Monday have been quarantined, either in a suitable residence or in Government accommodation, and that will be for a 14-day period.

In terms of those South Australians that have been to the state since the 7th of November who are currently self-isolating, the first thing is that once you’ve been in the state for 14 days and have remained self-isolating, then you are able to go about your business.

If you are well and wear a mask, you are also able to leave the state, if you have a flight back to South Australia or out of the state.

However, we would ask that you remain self-isolating until you have been here in the state for 14 days.

In terms of that group of people, there are three premises that South Australia have declared as being a significant risk.

The Lyell-McEwin Hospital. If anyone that is in the state and currently self-isolating that was in the Lyell McEwin Hospital between 5.30pm on Friday the 13th of November through to 8am on Saturday morning, the 14th of November, we would like you to call the Public Health hotline 1800 671 738.

In South Australia, people that have been through that facility in those times are being asked to quarantine and take a test, and that will be the same as what we will be doing here in Tasmania.

In terms of the Aquadome Aquatic Centre. If you were there on Saturday the 14th and you are currently in Tasmania, having arrived after Saturday between 11 and 1.30, if you were at the Aquadome Aquatic Centre between 11am and 1.30pm on Saturday the 14th, we would again like you to call 1800 671 738, and you’ll be quarantined and be asked to take a test.

Furthermore, if you were either at or received a takeaway or home delivery from the Woodville Pizza Bar anytime between the 6th of November and the 16th of November, again we would like you to call the 1800 671 738 number and you’ll be quarantined and be asked to take a test.

If you are a family member of someone that has been in one of those premises, then we would also ask you to make contact as well, as you’d be a close contact.

In relation to the current risk situation for South Australia, it will remain at medium risk, and therefore anyone entering the state from South Australia will be quarantined in either Government facilities or in a private residence, if it is suitable, and that could be for example a whole house Airbnb, if that’s where they would be staying, but quarantine would be required and for a period of 14 days.

Now, the South Australian Premier today has asked South Australians to stay home and to keep safe, and my message to South Australians that are thinking of travelling to the state at the moment is don’t come.

This is not the right time to be travelling or moving around your own community, and certainly it’s not the right time to be arriving in Tasmania.

The six-day lockdown that South Australia has in place will provide an opportunity to understand whether or not they have got on top of this outbreak, and we will be able to provide further details in terms of our actions moving forward.

But to be clear, if you’re in the state at the moment, you arrived from the 7th of November and you’re from South Australia, remain self-isolating until you have been in the state for 14 days and you are symptom-free.

If you want to return home, wear a mask and you can leave the state and head back to South Australia or to another jurisdiction.

If you’ve been to any of those three premises that I’ve mentioned at the times I’ve mentioned, we would like you to contact the Public Health hotline number and come in for quarantine and for a test.

And if you’re a family member of anyone that has been at those premises, then you’re a close contact and we’d like you to do the same as well.

This is a challenging set of circumstances.

South Australia have acted swiftly.

You know, it’s important now that we all do the right thing, and I would say to those South Australians who are visiting our state and unfortunately have been caught up in this, I’m sorry for these circumstances.

However, it’s obvious that, you know, in terms of what’s occurring in South Australia that it’s being taken extremely seriously.

We are doing the same here, and I would ask that you follow the rules and work with us and ensure that we can keep our community safe.

I’ll hand over to Dr Veitch to make some comments about the background surrounding this.