Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania


Premier, Peter Gutwein

Look, I will get straight into it in the interest of time, with Parliament sitting today.

The update that I’ve just received from Public Health indicates that the circumstances in South Australia are looking increasingly favourable.

Currently, 20 cases related to the Parafield outbreak in the northern suburbs.

As you are aware, yesterday we put in place a range of measures in terms of those that had entered the state from the 7th of November and for those that were arriving last night.

I’ll deal with both of those two categories separately.

Firstly, for those who are already self-isolating that are visiting us from South Australia or Tasmanians who returned home from South Australia in that period, we would ask that they self-isolate for another 24 hours.

As we gain more information on the South Australian circumstance, we’ll be able to better inform ourselves of the next steps to take with those who’ve entered the state.

Obviously, if any of our visitors have any symptoms, please get tested, contact the Public Health hotline 1800 671 738, but subject to circumstances continuing favourably, as the advice is from South Australia, you know, we would hope that as of tomorrow that those visitors would be able to return to their normal activities.

But, again, we will provide an update tomorrow on that matter, once we’ve had further discussions with South Australia and AHPPC in the next 24 hours.

Importantly, for those visitors that are with us from South Australia, if their trip is ending and they have a flight booked out of the state, then they were sent instructions yesterday in terms of wearing a mask, and they can exit the state, subject to the condition’s that were provided yesterday.

In terms of those visitors that are coming to the state now, last night, obviously, or yesterday afternoon, we lifted South Australia to medium risk, to the medium alert level.

We are going to maintain that in place for the time being.

Obviously, at the moment in South Australia, there are around, I understand, 40 affected premises or locations, and as further information is gleaned by the South Australian health officials in terms of the outbreak in that state, obviously we can be better informed here in terms of what we do with the medium alert arrangements.

Now, that might pivot to where we put in place geographical restrictions.

As I indicated yesterday, obviously this is an outbreak in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, regional South Australia may be able to be treated differently but, again, we will take further advice and noting that some of the locations are up to 30-odd kms outside of the centre of the CBD of Adelaide.

So, we’re continuing to take advice there.

We’ll remain on medium alert.

I would expect that we will provide updates on a daily basis over coming days, but I think for travellers looking to arrive in Tasmania, to be clear, the medium alert arrangements will remain in place, certainly for some geographical locations, we’re at the moment blanketing the entire state til at least the end of the week, and Public Health will provide details, should we be able to relax and have a more targeted approach in coming days.

So, I just want to say to those South Australian visitors that are with us, I am sorry for the disruption, but I’m certain that they understand the challenges that we are all dealing with here, and as I’ve indicated, tomorrow we’ll provide further advice to them in terms of whether or not they need to continue to remain self-isolating in either a residence or in their current hotel accommodation.

Importantly, if anyone needs assistance, make certain that you contact the Public Health hotline 1800 671 738.

I think that covers off those matters that I needed to touch on there.

I can jump straight to questions, and Dr Veitch can follow me with questions, unless there are any matters that you feel you might like to cover off now.