Peter Gutwein

Premier of Tasmania

PRESS CONFERENCE - 10:15AM 16 November 2020

Premier Peter Gutwein

As I’ve said right through this, the health and safety of Tasmanians is our top priority.

With the outbreak escalating in Adelaide, we’re taking immediate precautionary action this morning.

Firstly, to anyone who has arrived from South Australia since last Monday 9 November, we would like you today to immediately self-isolate.

If you are in a home residence, isolate there. If you are staying in accommodation, go back to your hotel room and isolate there.

Please contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

In terms of travellers from interstate, we are contacting them proactively as well through the Tas-E travel app, and we’ll be sending a similar message to them in terms of these arrangements.

For those that would enter the State directly today from South Australia or on the Spirit of Tasmania early tomorrow morning, and anyone else who has spent time in South Australia since Monday 9 November, we will expect you to quarantine on your arrival today.

That can be either at a residence or in your hotel room that you are intending to stay in.

Contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738, and if you have any symptoms, immediately book in for a test.

This afternoon and through the course of the day, our Public Health officials are in contact with the South Australian Public Health officials, and there will be a national Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) meeting in the middle of the day today and at that meeting a discussion will take place in terms of the South Australian circumstance.

At this stage, we’re not elevating South Australia to medium risk, which would be the same level as Victoria is at, that being that anyone entering the State automatically goes into either hotel quarantine if they don’t have a residence, or if they are a Tasmanian returning to the State, two weeks quarantine in their home.

However, I want to ensure that people are aware that there will be a further update this afternoon.

We have a flight coming in from Adelaide this evening, and obviously the Spirit coming back tomorrow morning, and if there is a need today to elevate to medium risk, I want to flag to those people that are considering coming into Tasmania on either that flight over the course of either tonight or over the next couple of days, that it would be sensible, I think, if they were to defer their travel arrangements at this stage until the situation in South Australia has been worked through and fully understood.

In terms of what we know about the cluster at the moment, this has impacted on the northern suburbs of Adelaide. A fast food restaurant, two schools and a supermarket have currently been closed, and the cluster, as it stands at the moment, my most recent advice has been that it still remains 17, but obviously that may change.

In the large part that is a family cluster, as I understand it, and so it’s important that we allow South Australia to work through the arrangements today.

And so, to confirm, the Deputy State Controller will provide either answers to questions, should you have them, or myself, but to confirm, any traveller from South Australia, including Tasmanians who have returned from South Australia in the past seven days, from Mondays 9 November, must immediately self-isolate either at their residence or in their accommodation, and contact the Public Health Hotline, 1800 671 738. If you are displaying any symptoms at all, get a test. But also talk through your situation with Public Health.