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Keeping Tasmanians Safe

  • Boost police numbers with an additional 50 police officers over 5 years to bolster frontline services and deliver a greater focus on criminal investigation capability
  • $2.5M towards more support for Police by employing State Service employees in specialised roles such as prosecution, cybercrime and digital evidence analysis#
  • $10.6M in funding to ensure that whenever police officers from rural and remote police stations are on leave, communities will continue to be policed*
  • $4M in grants funding to local communities for the purpose of installing CCTV*
  • $7M towards the Kentish & Latrobe Flood Mitigation Projects#
  • $3.6M for a standalone Special Operations Group facility in the south of the State^
  • An additional $3M towards the construction of a purpose built Emergency Services Operations Centre for crisis coordination and emergency management in Tasmania
  • $2.5M towards the Red Hot Tips Program to support farmers and large landholders to conduct private burn-offs*
  • $2.5M towards the Fuel Reduction Program to support mechanical clearing*
  • $1.5M towards the roll-out of enhanced standard equipment for volunteer brigades and units*
  • $1M towards the Fire and Emergency Service Volunteer Grants Program^
  • $900,000 towards a permanent multi-hazard intelligence team in the State Operations Centre#
  • $250,000 towards new-generation defibrillators for volunteer fire trucks
  • $100,000 to Crime Stoppers to undertake additional community engagement and to adopt anti-theft measures such as the Bikelinc Program in Tasmania*


  • $25M in additional funding to deliver a new $40M contemporary, multidisciplinary court complex for Burnie at Mooreville Road^
  • $16M towards addressing demand pressures for the Tasmanian Prison Service*
  • More than $13m to deliver a prisoner transport and court security model to remove Tasmania Police from court security duties in the Burnie Supreme Court*
  • More than $9.5M towards the estimated costs and expenses of the conduct of the Commission of Inquiry into the Tasmanian Government’s responses to child sexual abuse in institutional settings^
  • More than $9M towards upgrading and replacing equipment and critical infrastructure maintenance at the Tasmanian Prison Service*
  • $8.8M in additional funding to the Legal Assistance Sector to continue to provide free or low-cost legal services to Tasmanians who need the extra help*
  • Funding of more than $3.9M towards a major redesign and upgrade to the Ashley Youth Detention Facility
  • More than $3.8M for the appointment of an additional Magistrate to address existing demand pressure*
  • More than $2.5M towards the re-appointment of three acting judges within the Supreme Court^
  • $2.4M to continue Tasmania’s electronic monitoring of high-risk family violence perpetrators^
  • More than $1.4M towards programs to reduce re-offending#
  • $1.3M towards the introduction of body scanning technology in the Hobart and Launceston Reception Prison, and Risdon Prison as well as Ashley Youth Detention Centre
  • $1M towards increasing the number of therapeutic employees within the prison^
  • $320,000 to provide children and young people in the North and North West access to legal representations when appearing in courts after-hours*


  • $40.8M to recruit additional paramedics*
  • $6M towards the $12.5M upgrade of the Bridgewater Police Station#
  • $9M to upgrade Ambulance Tasmania’s vehicle fleet, and to provide contemporary equipment#
  • $3M towards building a new $7.5M St Helens Police Station#
  • $6M in additional funding to the Emergency Services Personnel and Volunteers Health and Wellbeing Program*
  • Funding of $5.1M to pilot an Emergency Mental Health Co-response model in Southern Tasmania^
  • Additional funding of $4.3M towards construction costs for a new Burnie Ambulance Station
  • Additional funding of $4.3M towards the construction costs for a new Glenorchy Ambulance Station
  • Additional funding of $2.8M to enable the procurement of a fit for purpose offshore police patrol vessel to replace PV Van Diemen
  • $300,000 towards a new helipad at the St Helens District Hospital to increase aeromedical support to the East Coast Regions
  • $300,000 towards a new Helipad at the Esperance Multi-Purpose Centre in Dover

* Over four years # Over three years ^Over two years