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Now more than ever it is vital that we secure Tasmania’s future. That we secure the health and safety of our community. The 2021-22 Tasmanian Budget increases investment in health to a record $10.7 billion. This additional funding will make a significant difference to our health system, and the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.


  • $160M for additional elective surgeries and endoscopies supported by more than 180 additional health staff statewide
  • $15.7M to implement the Health Workforce 2040 Strategy which includes recruitment, training, re-training and postgraduate training and recruitment processes
  • $40.8M to recruit more paramedics state-wide including an additional crew in Launceston
  • $27.5M for community-based health care, including hospital-in-the-home services and other health care delivered in the home or community
  • $8M to support better GP after-hours access and reduce pressure on emergency departments
  • $18.3M to increase staffing in Tasmania’s District Hospitals as part of the safe staffing model
  • $5M to further support and encourage positive work environments with a Positive Health Culture program
  • $198M to meet increasing demand in hospitals and support opening beds
  • $50M to fully fund phases one and two of our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service reforms and continue the broader roll out of the Tasmanian Mental Health Reform Program
  • $14M for additional paramedic crews in Hobart and Launceston
  • $2M to amend the Controlled Access Scheme and enable improved access to Medicinal Cannabis
  • Over $9.4M for ill-health prevention and community-based wellbeing programs
  • $2.2M to meet increasing demand for community mental health services^
  • $1.4M for Community Transport Services to support Tasmanians to access care
  • $7.8M to continue and expand COVID-introduced mental health services, including a mental health phone triage service and increased capacity for Rural Alive and Well^
  • $5.1M to pilot an innovative Emergency Mental Health Co-Response Model^
  • Additional $4M for the next Healthy Tasmania Strategy
  • $18M for new public-private partnerships to deliver health care sooner
  • $20M for the Hospital Equipment Fund to replace and upgrade critical hospital equipment#
  • $1M for the Hospital Avoidance Co-investment Fund
  • $10.5M to strengthen in-home and community-based Palliative Care services
  • $4.25M for Palliative Care Tasmania to educate and train GPs, community education and workforce development
  • $6.8M for new public-private partnerships to deliver better palliative care services
  • $8.5M for the Mental Health Hospital in the Home Pilot in the North-West^
  • $4.3M to establish a new Rural Medical Workforce Centre at the Mersey Community Hospital
  • $5M to deliver an additional 20,000 dental appointments statewide
  • $7.5M for residential rehabilitation beds for alcohol and drug treatment and detox^
  • $8.4M for rural hospital equipment and additional staffing^
  • $4.5M for new Community Health and Wellbeing Networks in Ulverstone, Huonville and Scottsdale^
  • $8M for community healthcare initiatives, including Cancer Council, District Nurses and GP Assist
  • $9.2M to support the implementation of the End of Life Choices, Voluntary Assisted Dying


  • $12M to commence Launceston General Hospital redevelopment Stage 2 – Mental Health Precinct
  • $20M for the North West Regional Hospital – Mental Health Precinct#
  • $2.5M for ward upgrades and additional bed capacity at North-West Regional Hospital^
  • $8.1M for the North West Regional Hospital to fully operate a second linear accelerator
  • $110M for the Royal Hobart Hospital expanded stage 2 redevelopment^
  • $7.5M for new Angiography suite and equipment upgrade at the RHH^
  • $9M for new ambulance vehicles and equipment#
  • $600,000 towards new helipads in Dover and St Helens
  • $10M towards Stage 2 of the Kingston Health Centre^
  • $10M towards the expanded redevelopment of the Mersey Community Hospital#
  • $3.5M to upgrade the Midlands Multipurpose Health Centre upgrade
  • $15M to commence the Health ICT Digital Transformation project
  • $19.7M for the new Burnie and Glenorchy Ambulance Stations
  • $1M to upgrade the Dover Medical Centre