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Tasmanian Jobs Plan

We are unleashing a landmark $5 billion infrastructure program, the largest investment to ever be announced by a Tasmanian Government.

It will underpin an estimated 25,000 jobs, build the intergenerational infrastructure our State needs to thrive and provide the economic pathway to return our budget to surplus in two years.

This is how we will grow our economy, boost confidence to attract investment and rebuild a stronger Tasmania.


  • $100m for up to 1000 new Social Housing dwellings*
  • $65m to continue delivering our second Affordable Housing Action Plan*
  • $123.8m for new housing projects including the debt waiver program*
  • $20m for the Tasmanian HomeBuilder grants^
  • $19.4m for the extension of the First Home Owners Grant~
  • $2.4 billion for the State’s road network, including $576m for the new Bridgewater Bridge#
  • $68.5m for the Derwent Entertainment Centre and Indoor Sports facility
  • $7.1m for National Parks to rebuild infrastructure damaged by bushfires, as part of an $8.3m project
  • $3.15m to support essential asset repairs and maintenance in National Parks*
  • $391.2m for new and upgraded health, hospital and ambulance facilities*
  • $222m for new and upgraded schools, training centres and IT infrastructure
  • $200.3m for new prison infrastructure
  • $120.9m for the Tasmanian Government Radio Network Project*
  • $46.1m for Project Unify to Tasmania Police IT systems
  • $4m for TasTAFE’s IT Network infrastructure upgrades^
  • $60m for the Public Building Maintenance Program^
  • $15.9m for the South-East Irrigation Scheme
  • $41.4m for the Launceston Urban Water upgrades*
  • $13.8m for Tasmanian Irrigation to deliver water infrastructure across the State
  • $5m for TasRail at Brighton and Bell Bay to improve the supply chain for the timber industry, including 40 new locally-manufactured logtainers


  • $22m in payroll tax rebates for trainees, apprentices and youth employees, including extending the Targeted Apprentice and Trainee Grant for Small Businesses
  • $10.5m for no or low cost VET courses as part of a $21m Job Trainer initiative#
  • $2m for more TasTAFE teachers in priority industries^
  • $6m for the Rapid Response Skills Initiative
  • $7m in additional funding for the Energy, Trades and Water Centre of Excellence
  • $2.5m for a statewide program to enable and empower more women to participate in non-traditional jobs^
  • $570,000 for the Tasmanian State Service Youth Employment and Aboriginal Employment Strategy~


  • $12m for the Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Fund and $4m to meet costs associated with Hydrogen*
  • $3.8m to transform Tasmania into a global Renewable Energy Powerhouse*
  • $1.9m for Agricultural Workforce Resilience^
  • $15m for Public Housing heating and energy efficiency initiatives
  • $10m in additional support for hospitality businesses for rebates on energy bills
  • $12.5m for the “Make Yourself At Home” travel vouchers
  • $15m for airport infrastructure at the Hobart and Launceston airports^
  • $4.1m for essential air freight and passenger services for Bass Strait
  • $10m for a Building Projects Support Program, to bring forward community or commercial shovel ready projects to help stimulate the Tasmanian construction sector and support jobs
  • $10m to co-invest with the waste management sector statewide to build the infrastructure needed to collect and sort recyclable waste
  • $2.4m for International Air Freight assistance
  • $6m for freight access bridge upgrades
  • $2.7m for the Tasmanian Trade Strategy^
  • $1m for the Community Arts and Cultural Development Fund^
  • $600,000 for Business Events Tasmania*
  • $250,000 for Seafood Industry Growth and Recovery
  • $100,000 for Tourism and Hospitality financial counselling
  • $8m in 2020-21 for the West Coast Wilderness Railway, as part of a $16m investment*
  • $3.4m for Land Titles Office and Crown Lands resourcing to enable faster release of titles to market*
  • An additional $500,000 for Screen Tasmania’s Screen Innovation Fund^
  • $1m to establish the Tourism and Hospitality led registered training organisation^
  • $400,000 for an Advanced Manufacturing Action Plan
  • $150,000 for the Geoscience Initiative
  • $500,000 to provide support to peak industry and sector bodies
  • Additional $2.5m for an Arts and Cultural Support fund, including grants to support performers and artists bounce back and to support the arts and cultural sector to produce new work


  • $20m for Small Business Sustainability and Recovery Assistance Package
  • $1m for the COVID-19 Small Business Energy Support Grant Program
  • $2.5m to meet the interest costs of the Business Support Loans Scheme~
  • $100,000 for Rural Financial Counselling Service


  • $1.3m for the Glenorchy Jobs Hub^
  • $676,000 for a regionally-based model for coordinating COVID-19 recovery
  • $470,000 for Hamlet^
  • $950,000 for the Sorell Employment Hub extension^
  • $420,000 for Troublesmiths^
  • $1.4m for Strategic Growth Employment Partnerships

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding