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The 2020-21 Budget unleashes a landmark $5 billion infrastructure program to underpin jobs, grow our economy, boost confidence and strengthen our communities, in every region. It includes:


  • $553m for the first four years of the new $576m Bridgewater Bridge#
  • $68.5m for the Derwent Entertainment Centre and Indoor Multi-Sports Facility
  • $68.5m for the Cradle Mountain cableway and Visitor Experience, as part of an $86.8m project#
  • $160m for TasWater to accelerate its infrastructure pipeline
  • $19.4m for the next Iconic Walk, as part of a $20m project
  • $41.4m for Launceston Urban Water infrastructure upgrades*
  • $15m for airport infrastructure at Hobart and Launceston airports^
  • $8.4m for Freycinet Peninsula wastewater^
  • $15.9m for the South-East Irrigation Scheme
  • $12m for the Burnie to Wynyard section of the coastal pathway and future erosion protection^
  • $7.1m for National Parks to rebuild infrastructure damaged by bushfires, as part of an $8.3m project
  • $3.15m to support essential asset repairs and maintenance in National Parks*
  • $3.4m for Land Titles Office and Crown Lands resourcing to enable faster release of titles to market*
  • $8m for North West racing infrastructure
  • $60m for the Public Building Maintenance Program^
  • $13.8m for Tasmanian Irrigation to deliver water infrastructure across the State
  • $5m for TasRail at Brighton and Bell Bay to improve the supply chain for the timber industry, including 40 new locally-manufactured logtainers


$1 billion in State funding for the Roads program including:

  • $112.3m for the new $576m Bridgewater Bridge#
  • $280.6m for road maintenance across the State
  • $130m towards the $175.5m# Greater Hobart Traffic Solution, including $65m for the Tasman Bridge upgrade, as part of a $130m# project
  • $45.2m towards the $350m# South-East Traffic Solution
  • $100m for Roads of Strategic Importance and road safety projects
  • $33.2m for the Launceston and Tamar Valley Traffic Vision
  • $12.7m for the West Tamar Highway Traffic Solution
  • $40.5m for State Road upgrades – North-West and West Coast*
  • $31m for State Road upgrades – Northern*
  • $61.1m for State Road upgrades – Southern*
  • $37.3m for roads to support Tasmania’s Visitor Economy


$391.2m investment in Health and Ambulance infrastructure including:

  • $79.8m for the Launceston General Hospital upgrades, including the completion of Ward 4K, more bed capacity, and car parking*
  • $33m for the continued upgrade of the Mersey Community Hospital^
  • $89.8m for the Royal Hobart Hospital Stage II redevelopment, including an expanded Emergency Department~
  • $11.5m for the continued upgrade of Rural Hospitals and Ambulance Stations
  • $19.8m to build 27 new mental health beds in Southern Tasmania
  • $11.7m for the Burnie and Glenorchy Ambulance Stations^
  • $7.4m for the completion of Stage 2 of the King Island Hospital redevelopment
  • $21.6m for a new Health Human Resources Information System~


$222m investment in Education and TasTAFE infrastructure including:

  • $24m for the new Legana Primary School
  • $40m towards the new $50m Brighton High School
  • $20m to revitalise Cosgrove High School
  • $25.3m for the new K-12 Sorell School
  • $28m for six new Child and Family Learning Centres statewide
  • $14m for TasTAFE’s Energy, Trades and Water Centre of Excellence, as part of a $21m project#
  • $18.8m for the new K-12 Penguin School
  • $16.5m for the School Revitalisation Maintenance stimulus


  • $100m for up to 1000 new Social Housing dwellings
  • $65m to continue delivering our second Affordable Housing Action Plan
  • $123.8m for new housing projects including the debt waiver program


  • $120.9m for the Tasmanian Government Radio Network Project*
  • $46.1m for Project Unify to upgrade Tasmania Police IT systems
  • $111.1m for the new Northern Regional Prison, as part of a $270m project
  • $79.9m for the new Southern Remand Centre, as part of an $85m project
  • $14.4m for the Burnie Court complex, as part of a $15m project
  • $13.2m for the continued upgrade of Tasmania Police housing statewide
  • $12m for a new off-shore Police Patrol Vessel
  • $9.3m for the upgrade of the Risdon Prison shared facilities
  • $11.5m for the completion of the new Sorell Emergency Services Hub
  • $7m for the refurbishment of the Launceston Police Station
  • $6.3m for the redevelopment of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre
  • $4.5m for the completion of the New Norfolk Police Station
  • $4.2 million for the completion of the new Longford Police Station