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The 2020-21 Tasmanian Budget is about Jobs, Confidence and Community.

To get Tasmania back in business and keep Tasmania on top, we are unleashing a landmark

$5 billion infrastructure program to underpin 25,000 jobs, grow our economy, boost confidence and strengthen our communities in every region.

For Lyons this means we will build the intergenerational infrastructure our State needs to thrive, including more homes, better schools, roads, bridges, irrigation systems, as well as renewable energy assets, health, housing and justice facilities.

We’re backing Tasmanian businesses, supporting their recovery and growth, making it easier for them to employ and investing even more into education and skills, to ensure more Tasmanians have the ability to grasp the opportunities ahead. Together, we will rebuild a stronger Tasmania.

Northern Lyons

  • $6.3m for the redevelopment of the Ashley Youth Detention Centre, as part of a $7m project
  • $68.5m for the Cradle Mountain cableway and Visitor Experience, as part of an $86.8m project#
  • $2.1m for the Campbell Town Ambulance Station
  • $111.1m for the new Northern Regional Prison as part of a $270m project
  • $25.3m for rural paramedics statewide, including continued funding for Longford and Deloraine*
  • $13.8m for Tasmanian Irrigation to deliver water infrastructure across the State
  • $6m for the Campbell Town pedestrian underpass#
  • $79.9m in upgrades to Illawarra Road*#
  • $4.2m to complete the new Longford Police Station
  • $13.2m for new and upgraded Police housing statewide, including at Campbell Town and Fingal
  • $2.6m for the Sheffield School Farm redevelopment
  • $300,000 to support Agfest 2021
  • $247,000 for the Esk Main Road

East Coast

  • $8.4m for Freycinet Peninsula Wastewater
  • $20.8m in upgrades to Great Eastern Drive, as part of investment in roads for the Tasmania’s Visitor Economy
  • $4.4m to extend the Great Eastern Drive - Binalong Bay Road
  • $300,000 for the wukalina Walking Track
  • $13.2m for new and upgraded Police housing statewide, including at St Marys
  • $25.3m for rural paramedics statewide, including continued funding for St Helens and Bicheno*

Southern Lyons

  • $576m for the new Bridgewater Bridge#
  • $61.1m for State Road upgrades, including Mudwalls Road, Richmond Road and Highland Lakes Road
  • $37m towards duplication of the Midway Point and Sorell Causeways - as part of a $350m South East Traffic Solution from Sorell to Cambridge#
  • $40m towards the new $50 million Brighton High School
  • $2.1m for the Three Capes Track Stage 3, as part of a $7.8m project#
  • $4.2m for the Brighton Jordan River Learning Federation School farm redevelopment
  • $25.3m for the new K-12 Sorell School
  • $4.5m to complete the New Norfolk Police Station
  • $11.5m for the completion of the new Sorell Emergency Services Hub
  • $28m for six new Child and Family Learning Centres statewide, including in Sorell
  • $15.9m for the South-East Irrigation Scheme
  • $1.7m for the Molesworth Primary School
  • $25.3m for rural paramedics statewide, including continued funding for Dodges Ferry*
  • $24.4m for rural and regional health facilities statewide, including the Ouse Community Health Centre and Sorell Community Health Centre^
  • $950,000 for the Sorell Employment Hub extension^
  • $610,000 for Lewisham/Okines Beach erosion mitigation^
  • $20m in equity contributions to the Port Arthur Heritage Site Management Authority*
  • $5m for TasRail Brighton and Bell Bay to improve the supply chain for the timber industry,

including 40 new locally-manufactured logtainers

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding