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Health and Education

A record $9.8 billion* for health and hospitals including:

  • $600m to support unprecedented resourcing and staffing levels*
  • $50.2m to meet additional demand and beds in major hospitals^
  • $4.1m for Mental Health Integration and Reform^
  • $4.9m to implement Alcohol and Drug Sector reform^
  • $45.5m for additional elective surgery^
  • $19.8m to build 27 new Mental Health Beds in southern Tasmania^
  • $21.6m for a new Human Resources Information System~
  • $79.8m for Launceston General Hospital upgrades, including completion of Ward 4K, more bed capacity and car park, as part of a $102m investment*
  • $33m for upgrades to the Mersey Community Hospital^
  • $89.8m for the Royal Hobart Hospital Stage II redevelopment and expanded Emergency Department~

A record $7.5 billion* for education and vocational training including:

  • $14m to support the mental health and wellbeing of students, including students impacted by trauma*
  • $53m for educational adjustments for students with disability based on individual learning needs*
  • $222m for new and upgraded schools, training centres and IT infrastructure
  • $4.4m for the Adult Learning Strategy*

Protecting the Tasmanian way of life

  • $7.1m for National Parks to rebuild infrastructure damaged by bushfires, as part of an $8.3m project
  • $3.15m to support essential asset repairs and maintenance in National Parks*
  • $4m for the Container Refund Scheme and Waste Action Plan initiatives
  • $5.5m towards a new $16.5m grants program for new commercial recycling opportunities#
  • $3.7m to Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) for marine infrastructure maintenance*
  • $9.6m in bushfire prevention and fuel reduction initiatives*
  • $800,000 for Brand Tasmania*
  • $4.7m for climate change initiatives*
  • $7.2m for improved statewide visitor infrastructure, as part of a $16m project
  • $8m for State Fire Commission support^
  • $10.5m for Biosecurity Tasmania Securing Our Borders initiative*
  • $1.6m for improved boat and trailer parking for recreational fishing, as part of a $2.2m project
  • $60m for the Public Building Maintenance Program^
  • $10m for waste and recycling initiatives


  • $68.5m for the Derwent Entertainment Centre and Indoor Multi-Sports facility, and $11.5m* for the National Basketball League (NBL)
  • $500,000 for real-time fuel monitoring helping to find cheaper fuel prices*
  • $351,000 for Volunteering Tasmania to re-engage volunteers~
  • $10m to improve girls/women sports changing rooms (Improving Playing Field)^
  • $250,000 to support the mental health of frontline volunteers, including our fire services and paramedics
  • $4.3m for major sporting organisations, including AFL, Basketball Tas, Football Tas and Cricket Tas
  • $350,000 for TasCOSS to assist the community sector adapt and respond to COVID^
  • $1.2m for Closing the Gap*
  • $780,000 for the Multicultural Policy and Action Plan^
  • $9.4m to meet costs associated with $200 million Local Government Interest Free Loan Scheme^

Reducing costs of living pressure

  • Capping power prices and freezing water and sewerage prices
  • $45m in energy concessions for low income earners for 2020-21
  • Concessions for local government rates and water and sewerage for low income households totalling $35.6m*
  • $4m to assist Tasmanian children with the costs of participation in sport - Ticket to Play*
  • 50% stamp duty concession for first home buyers and for seniors downsizing their homes
  • $14m to waive school levies for eligible students


  • $123.8m for new housing projects including the debt waiver program
  • $100m to construct up to 1000 new social houses through the Community Housing Growth Program
  • $65m to continue delivering our second Affordable Housing Action Plan
  • $15m for public housing heating and energy efficiency initiatives
  • $20m for the Tasmanian Home Builder grants^
  • $19.4m for the extension of the First Home Owners Grant~
  • $2m to expand the Private Rental Incentive Scheme to help low income Tasmanians enter the private rental market^
  • Over $6m to deliver general health and mental health supports to people experiencing homelessness
  • $1.3m to assist Tasmanian renters during COVID-19

* Over 4 years ^ Over 2 years ~ Over 3 years # incl Aust Govt Funding