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Health, Education and Housing

The 2019-20 State Budget continues the Government’s investment in the essential services and the infrastructure that our growing State needs, again delivering record spending in health.

Over the last five years, the Government has delivered:

  • Over 1000 full-time-equivalent staff added to our health system;
  • Record funding growth, with over $2 billion more spent on health than the 2013-14 Budget; and
  • Over 130 new beds in our hospitals.

To meet increasing demand in our health system, this Budget includes a record $8.1 billion for health services over the next four years. This  represents nearly 32% of the entire State Budget, the second highest rate of any State in Australia, and compares to around 25% a decade ago. This Budget includes:

  • $180 M to address health demand pressures across the Tasmanian Health Service.
  • A further $40 M to support emergency care and bed access.
  • $90.6 M to fully fund stage 2 of the RHH redevelopment, including expansion of the Emergency Department, more ICU beds and ward upgrades.
  • More support for Ambulance services:
    • an extra $20 M to meet demand pressures;
    • $3 M * to continue with the boost to staffing in the State Operations Centre; and
    • $21.01 M * for 42 more paramedics in regional areas.
  • More hospital beds and frontline health staff:
    • $132.11 M * to progressively open and staff 250 new beds at the new RHH;
    • $20.5 M * to continue to staff the new eight-bed Acute Medical Unit at the NWRH;
    • $15.1 M * to fully open and staff eight new beds on Ward 4K of the LGH; and
    • $4 M * for new services and staff at the MCH following infrastructure upgrades.
  • $43.8 M * for 27 new mental health beds in the south.
  • $39.9 M * for Tasmania’s first ever dedicated aeromedical and medical retrieval service.
  • $2.32 M * for Women’s Health elective surgery procedures and women’s health organisations.
  • $11.7 M * for 120 more nursing graduates positions across Tasmania.

To take pressure off our hospitals, this Budget includes:

  • $13.6 M * for new Community Rapid Response (Hospital in the Home) services in  the  North- West and Greater Hobart areas, and to continue the service in the North.
  • $4 M * for 30 additional drug and alcohol rehabilitation beds in the community as part of a State-wide initiative.
  • $10.2 M * to fully roll-out secondary triage to ensure emergency paramedic resources are available for emergency calls.

To ensure safe, modern health services for our health staff and patients, this Budget includes:

  • LGH redevelopment – continuation of this $87.3 M project plus $5 M for more car parking.
  • $4 M * to complete air-conditioning upgrades of hospitals.
  • $1.95 M * to complete the purpose-built antenatal clinic at the NWRH.
  • Continuation of the $35 M investment in MCH upgrades.
  • $35.5 M * for ambulance and rural hospital upgrades and volunteer support including new stations at Burnie and Glenorchy, and an upgrade at Smithton and Campbell Town.
  • $12 M  for  upgraded  regional  health  facilities and staff accommodation including King Island, Flinders Island and the Midlands Multipurpose Centre at Oatlands.


The Hodgman Liberal Government recognises that by investing in education, we are investing in the future of young Tasmanians.

Over the last five years, the Government has prioritised investment in education including –

  • Record staff recruitment with 222 full-time equivalent (FTE) extra teachers, 231 FTE extra teacher assistants, 64.5 FTE extra professional support staff and

41.8 FTE school administrative staff.

  • Record investment into school resourcing and infrastructure.
  • Extending 43 schools to Year 12.

The 2019-20 State Budget includes a record $7.1 billion over four years for education and training, including:

  • $154.3 M to meet our election commitment of 358 new staff including 250 new teachers, 80 extra teacher assistants and more support staff.
  • $194.2 M will be invested into new schools, school rebuilds and upgrades, extending more schools to year 12, establishing Early Learning Centres, redeveloping school farms and improving TAFE facilities, including:
    • Six new Child and Family Learning Centres in Sorell, Kingborough, Glenorchy, East Tamar, West Ulverstone and Waratah-Wynyard - $3.5 M each.
    • $12 M for the Trades and Water Centre of Excellence in Clarence and the Agricultural Centre of Excellence based at Freer Farm, Burnie.
  • $34 M to support new needs-based funding model   for students with disability.
  • Free pre-school for three year olds - $39.5 M~.
  • $31.5 M to extend more high schools to Year 12.
  • Extending School Nurses to colleges - $2.7 M.
  • $7.25 M to support students impacted by trauma and with behavioural challenges. - $3 M.
  • More laboratory technicians in schools and colleges
  • $3.03 M for more teacher intern placements, and to introduce Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher certification program.
  • $1.4 M for new regional sports coordinators to drive participation in team sport.
  • $2.9 M to address current and predicted workforce shortages and deliver a pipeline of skilled workers to meet demand over the next 3-5 years.


The 2019-20 State Budget continues the Government’s investment in the essential services and the infrastructure that our growing State needs.

Following on from the Hodgman Liberal Government’s first $73.5 M Affordable Housing Action Plan (2015-2019), this Budget includes:

  • Investment in Tasmania’s $125 M second Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019-2023 to significantly boost the State-wide supply of new social and affordable homes, provide more homeless and supported accommodation, help more Tasmanians into home ownership and assist around 2000 households:
    • This brings the total investment into Affordable Housing to almost $200 M over eight years.
    • $40.5 M of the new funding has been allocated this financial year to meet increasing demand
    • A further $27.4 M is allocated this year for Housing Tasmania’s capital program, including the purchase and construction of new social housing to support the actions in the Affordable Housing Action Plan.
  • An extension of the First Home Owner Grant of $20,000 to 30 June 2020.
  • Continuation of the land tax exemption for all newly built housing that is made available for long- term rental, until 30 June 2023.
  • Extending the land tax exemption for short-stay accommodation properties that are made available for long-term rental, until 30 June 2023.
  • Continuing the duty concessions for first home buyers of established homes, to 30 June 2020.
  • Extending the duty concessions for pensioners who downsize their homes until 30 June 2020.
  • Increasing the foreign investor  duty  surcharge, to deter overseas’ acquisition of residential properties and primary production land.
  • Developing a land tax surcharge to apply from 1 July 2020 to foreign ownership of residential and primary production land.
  • Finalise the development of the $9.7 M > Planning and Building Portal to make it easier and faster for every home builder and developer.

> Includes Australian Government funding * funding that is part of a larger project ~ over five years ^ over six years