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23 May 2019

Jeremy Rockliff MP

Minister for Infrastructure

2019-20 Budget: Record investment in job creating infrastructure

State-building, job creating infrastructure is a centrepiece of this year’s State Budget, with the Hodgman Liberal Government committing an unprecedented $3.6 billion for infrastructure projects right around Tasmania.

This year’s budget is all about maintaining the momentum and investing for growth, and there is no better example of this than the size and scale of our critical infrastructure investments.

Having fixed the state’s budget, now is the time for us to accelerate our infrastructure spending to set Tasmania up for the decades ahead.

An unprecedented $1.6 billion is to build the transport infrastructure our growing state needs.

This includes $304.9 million for rail infrastructure, $294 million on the new Bridgewater Bridge, $111.7 million to keep upgrading the Midland Highway, $83 million towards an urban congestion fund, $58 million specifically to support tourist roads and $292 million to renew road surfaces, replace faded line markings and maintain State Roads across Tasmania.

As Education Minister I understand a great education is a passport to a better life and standard of living. I’m proud that we are investing $194m into new schools, school rebuilds and upgrades, including building the facilities to extend more schools to year 12, establishing Child and Family Learning Centres, redeveloping school farms and improving TAFE facilities.

The Budget funds our commitments of $30 million for a new Brighton High School, $20 million for a new Legana Primary and $20 million towards a new K-12 school in Penguin.

We are also investing heavily in our hospitals, health and ambulance facilities with a $352.6 million capital investment. This includes $90.6 million to fully fund stage 2 of the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment, $61.18 million for the 32 bed redevelopment of the Launceston General Hospital, $20 million for 27 new mental health beds in Southern Tasmania and $32.3 million for rural hospital and ambulance upgrades.

The Budget also contains significant infrastructure investment in Human Services and Housing $212.5 million, law and order $170.6 million, and tourism, recreation and culture $151.7 million.

These major investments will not only help to address today’s challenges, but will set up our State for future generations and ensure we all share in the benefits of economic growth.