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23 May 2019

Elise Archer MP

Minister for Environment

2019-20 Budget: Boost for Tasmania’s Environment

The Hodgman Liberal Government is providing Tasmania’s only environmental analytical testing laboratory, Analytical Services Tasmania (AST), with additional funding of $1 million in the 2019-20 Budget.

The Budget is all about maintaining the momentum and investing for growth, and this new funding will allow the laboratory to support the important agriculture, aquaculture and mining industries, the public, local and State Governments, and our environment.

AST specialises in chemical and algal laboratory services and provides essential services to the Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Director of Public Health.

This includes internationally recognised testing and monitoring of water quality, soils, and biological material such as fish and shellfish.

This million-dollar funding boost builds on the Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan to support tourism and exports in the State, while protecting our natural environment.

The Government will also continue to provide additional funding to the Save the Tasmanian Devil and Orange-Bellied Parrot Programs to help with conservation efforts.

We will also continue to provide funding through the Tasmanian Climate Change Office to deliver on Climate Action 21 initiatives, including rolling out new electric vehicle charging stations and delivering our Power$mart Homes program.

For Tasmania’s Climate Action Plan 2017-2021 see .

And we will roll out the new litter app to help with the reporting of litter hotspots, and implement the use of offenders under Community Correction Orders to help clean up rubbish on public land.