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23 May 2019

Michael Ferguson MP

Minister for Health

2019-20 Budget: Better health care for Tasmanians through record funding

The Hodgman Liberal Government is committed to building a better health system for all Tasmanians, which is why we are delivering the State’s largest ever Budget for health.

The 2019-20 Budget includes a record $8.1 billion for health services in Tasmania over the next four years. The budget is very much about maintaining the momentum and investing for growth in our essential services.

Health represents nearly 32 per cent of the entire State Budget, the second highest of any state in Australia, and compares to around 25 per cent a decade ago.

This financial year alone, we are budgeting to spend $1.961 billion, and by 2022, we will be spending more than $2.1 billion each year.

This includes the continued roll-out of our record $757 million investment in Tasmania’s health system, which will deliver over six years:

  • 298 new beds
  • 802 more nurses
  • 158 additional doctors
  • 128 more allied health professionals
  • 182 additional support staff

We know there is increased demand on our hospitals, which is why this budget also includes $180 million to reduce pressure across the Tasmanian Health Service, and $40 million to support emergency care and bed access.

Importantly, this includes support for any immediate measures adopted following the planned Access Solutions Meeting, and to assist in supporting the commissioning of additional hospital capacity enabled by the Royal Hobart Hospital Redevelopment.

A further $20 million is budgeted to help meet demand in Ambulance Tasmania.

In addition to funding our vital health services, $353 million is budgeted for health and hospital infrastructure investment, including:

  • $90.6 million to commence stage 2 of the Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment, including expansion of the Emergency Department, more ICU beds and ward upgrades over three years
  • $61.18 million towards the 32-bed redevelopment at the Launceston General Hospital, together with more car parking
  • $20.74 million  for 27 new mental health beds in Southern Tasmania
  • Continuation of the $35 million investment in Mersey Community Hospital upgrades
  • $35.79 million for rural hospital and ambulance station upgrades, including new stations at Burnie and Glenorchy
  • $4.04 million to complete air-conditioning upgrades of hospitals
  • Completion of the $2.1 million purpose-built antenatal clinic at the North West Regional
  • Completion of the $13 million upgraded regional health facilities at King Island and the Midlands Multipurpose Centre at Oatlands

We are building on the significant progress already made in the past five years, opening more beds, employing more frontline staff and increasing services.