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23 May 2019

Will Hodgman MP


2019-20 Budget: A long-term vision and Plan to maintain the momentum, and to invest for growth

Over the past five years we have delivered on our Plan to grow Tasmania’s economy, support local businesses, create more jobs and invest more into health care, education and the essential services Tasmanians need.

Our economy is stronger, thousands of jobs have been created, business confidence is high, there is more investment, more retail trade and export growth, and we are welcoming more tourists than ever before.

Our long term vision is of thriving regions across our State, with all Tasmanians benefitting from a strong economy.

A Tasmania that remains at the top of economic performance measures, and where every child grows up healthy, with a good education and the opportunity of a good job in a prosperous, growing State.

This Budget outlines the work plan to build the right infrastructure that our growing State needs; schools, hospitals, roads and rail, as well as more housing.

This Budget backs our vision for Tasmania to be the nation’s renewable energy powerhouse, and to keep power prices down for households and businesses.

Our vision is a Tasmania where more people want to come here, see more of our State and spend more while they are here. And the rest of the world wants to buy more of our premium, high-value products and produce, supported by the State’s first trade strategy.

This Budget contains our plan for our precious brand to be better protected and promoted, to ensure we shine the brightest on the world stage.

We have come a long way in the past five years and this Budget will ensure that momentum is maintained and we are investing strategically so all Tasmanians share in a growing, prosperous State.