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23 May 2019

Jeremy Rockliff MP

Minister for Education

2019-20 Budget: $34 million for nation leading disability funding model

This year’s budget includes an additional $34 million over the forward estimates to support a new disability needs-based funding model in Tasmania. This nation leading approach was a key recommendation made by the Disability Ministerial Taskforce and is a culmination of five years’ work that is expected to see the number of students who receive funding nearly double.

This funding takes the total investment being made to support students with disability in the 2019 Education budget to $93.35 million, an increase of $24 million since we came to government in 2014.

To be introduced from next year, the new need-based model moves away from a one size fits all approach of providing funding based on the type of disability and instead focuses on the individual and the support they need to achieve a better educational outcome.

Allocating disability resources in this way is a huge shift in practice and culture for our schools and families and is about ensuring we have a truly inclusive education system that delivers all students a quality education.

The provision of more targeted educational support in the classroom for students with disability is also expected to have flow on benefits to teachers and other students.

Extensive consultation is already underway to ensure schools are ready for this funding to be delivered from next financial year.

A new need-based approach to disability funding will make a huge difference for our students, staff and schools and is an important part of our plan to maintain the momentum we have created in education and ensure that every Tasmanian student has the best possible opportunities in life.